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How would you describe your style?

The one thing I love is the outdoors…so if your thing is adventure and beautiful backdrops.. we are half way there! My style doesn’t just fit into one category (that would be boring).  I love it all! One thing I do find special is capturing the natural and raw emotion of weddings, including things that you don’t get chance to notice and take in during the whirl wind that is weddings! It’s your family’s tears and children giggling and the drunken antics that usually go on with the groomsmen! Those candid moments can bring laughter and joy and help you relive your. big day over and over again. As well as capturing the natural spontaneous moments I like to take time out with my couples to create some stunning portraits. This isn’t anything formal or stuffy we keep it relaxed and fun and unposed.

Can our family and friends take pictures during the day

Sure, it is your wedding after all! I do however recommend that couples have “Unplugged ceremonies” were guests are asked to put there phones away and leave the photo taking to myself. What can happen during key moments is you can end up with all your guests trying to get pictures of you on camera phones (even IPads’s) at key moments which can prevent me from capturing them! (Cue everyone in the aisles jumping out with camera phones to capture your exit). The only time I would ask for privacy is during our couple portraits this is mainly so that you guys have a bit of privacy and it’s less distracting and intimidating without an entourage.

Do you edit all of our photographs

Yes! Every image that you receive in your gallery will be edited in my own signature style of photography

When will we receive our photographs

This varies depending on the time of the year, the maximum wait period is 6 weeks. There is an option for you to get a sneak preview on my dedicated Facebook page however in the mean time so that you can get a little insight to wet your appetite!

Can we see the out takes

Rest assured that the images you receive in your gallery are the full coverage of your day, some people worry that there may be extra images. This is never the case, multiple sets of images are taken as there are always some that don’t make the cut.. Flash didn’t fire, Auntie Jean was blinking or somebody walked infant of the shot. All these images are culled in the beginning process leaving your final image set to be hand edited and delivered to you!

Can we have family/group shots

Yes, of course. Group shots are a must for most couples. I recommend that you keep this to between 5-10 group shots, these type of shots can be quite time consuming as there is always someone who is engrossed in conversation or propping up the bar when they are needed for the formal shots. The last thing you want is to loose a good hour of your drinks reception. I recommend having a groomsmen/family member on hand on the day to rally up the groups to help these run smoothly.

Do we get a mixture of black and white and colour images?

Yes is the short answer! Firstly I personally edit the images leaving you with all the beautiful story telling images from your wedding day and then I make a professional judgement whether they will look their best in either colour or black and white. Every image is taken in the highest resolution in colour so we can always go back and make a favourite image of yours to your preferred choice.

What is the meaning of life?

Just testing.. I wish I knew 😉