About Jenn Garlick

The about page.. were to start!
My name is Jenn and fun fact for you, I was actually christened Jennifer, Caroline, Marguerite, Julia, Mary.. No it wasn’t a joke, my parents were deadly serious and it was a source of great amusement at my own wedding during my vows

I live in a little town called Glossop with my husband, daughter, two dogs(Rain and Wilson) and cat (Foxy)!  I love the countryside so Glossop suits me perfectly and it is something that I think reflects in my photography. Give me a long rolling hill and immense backdrop and I am in my happy place.

When I’m not photographing weddings, I like to catch up with the girls to put the world to rights and walk and explore the hillsides (always on the look out for the next stunning location for a shoot! 😉

Jenn x

The little lady on the left has played such a huge role during my photography career. It wasn’t till her birth that I truly appreciated how precious pictures were. When she was 6 months old I started up my business, focusing on newborns and families I loved building relationships and even friendships with my clients, even know I still keep in touch with some of the amazing families that I have met and this is something that has been so important for me during my weddings. As well as doing my best to not just be a photographer but an extension of your friends and family I aim to capture those memories that you can look back at over a glass of wine on your Anniversary for the next 30 years!